chrisp 2010-04-04
Hi Hans. Now it's a few months after the end of the competition, I'm still quite angry that 3 quite large money-prizers went to a few talentless entrants who deliberately submitted masses of rubbish - clogging up the competition site for those of us who were trying to look at real design ideas. Sad and shameful of them, but also sad that the judjes had to award them anything at all! Bad business.
Forest 2010-03-01
Thanks for your hard work
I am joining Miranda's request, will jury watch all 80.000 designs? There was a lot of spamming last days...
another stolen design if i see that the winning design is stolen from the internet i am going to contact the real owner of the design and make alot of fuss!!!
i have a question, is the jury really going to look at all the designs? there are about 80.000 designs submitted. or are they only going to look at the designs with the most comments and points. that would be rather unfair because the design with the most comments on is a horrible design.
Bogdan22 2010-02-24
What about the activity counter? Is it still running or the scores before 24 February will be considered?
IsaW 2010-02-24
Hallo Hans, nachdem der Wettbewerb vorbei ist, dachte ich schreib dir auch mal und bedanke mich für die Überwachung des Smart-Webs :-) Auch wenn du auf dem Bild so relaxed auf dem Sofa sitzt, kann ich mir durchaus vorstellen, dass dein Kopf hat mit dem ganzen Kindergarten hier so einige Male geraucht. Aber ich muss schon sagen, die Unterhaltungen waren sehr amüsant und unterhaltsam :-D. Viele Grüße aus dem Land der Sonne :-)
speedy 1 2010-02-23
hello hans, I believe you are one of the contest team members. I have submitted several designs today which I am aware is a bit late considering the contest ends today. Will late entries also be considered in the overall judging process? Thanks for your reply in advance. :-)
chrisp 2010-02-21
Hi there again. It's actually getting a bit dificult to rate the designs of others as there is so much generated and replicated stuff going on by a minority of the guys (some mentioned by name below this posting). I used to enjoy rating the different designs, but now it seems fairly rare that anything different shows up and I tend not scroll through many, many pages of so-so-subtle variants. As we all end in a few days, I guess I should say thanks for patroling the space and wish you and the judges every success in the final stages of evaluation - thanks.
Bogdan22 2010-02-18
With 10 comments in 20 seconds? Hans he has already acknowledged himself that he has several friends helping him. And what about the rule of 3 comments? Do we have to believe that he is posting 15.000 different comments?
Bogdan22 2010-02-17
Still no word from you. I'm really curios about how you will treat Smart71 fraud. Entering at the same time on different IP's, but within the the same account, just to post 5 comments in 10 seconds only fair competition can't be called.
Bogdan22 2010-02-16
Hans, it is last week of this contest and it looks some of us have gone crazy. How can you post in 5 seconds 5 different comments? If you want to know the answer, just ask Smart71 and you'll find out how. I know everyone is trying to win, but we might keep it fair for just only one week.
carine 2010-02-13
hello and good luck !!!
carine 2010-02-13
hello and good luck !!!
wellcome to contest.
rajeev 2010-02-09
Got one more question...Is it fair to put more than 3000 comments in one single day ? Well somebody is doing it....
Bogdan22 2010-02-07
Hans you had and still have a different way of looking at my actions that you had with other's actions. And you are right I don't have any opponents, only competitors.
Hello, I am new here,my first day and design :-) Do you know if there is a forum for us members or something similar? Is there an official support member here? Thanks a lot. Lena
Bogdan22 2010-02-07
I won't write any messages at all Hans. I still wonder how you see all this, only at me, not at my other opponents.
Marcel 2010-02-03
Dear Hans, 99% of the designs are mine. I\'m using designs from my older works.
Marcel 2010-02-02
Hans, please tell me, if I should eliminate the \"Love this one\" design. Don\'t want it to participate!!!, cause it isn\'t mine, only wanna show it to everyone, cause its that nice done. If necesary i will eliminate it. Just leave a message on my account.
Marcel 2010-02-02
Hi Hans. I\'ve put in the description \"Found\". Just wanna share it, \'cause its quit nice.
maf 2010-02-02
Welcome! N' good luck;)
is it allowed to upload a design that is not yours but stolen from someone else???
Marcel 2010-02-01
Hans, I contested you on my own profile
JeromeBI 2010-02-01
I like the contest very much! I lead the BI department which organizes it, and we have much more success than expected. ;-)
Bogdan22 2010-01-31
No words from you lately? To be honest I didn't want it that too much, even now I'm trying very hard to respect all the rules. However, I have one question: if someone uploads the same design 10 times as I have seen my opponents do, can you catch them?
TheSynonymy 2010-01-23
@Bogdan22 This is beneath contempt, and not worthy of any response but since you seem to love, trying to instigate against me I want to get this straight: As I made new designs( you may don't like them ! ), you were spamming around. So, Bo ---MYOB!
Bogdan22 2010-01-22
So far you have cut me over 40.000 points from my account. I never questioned your measures, because I thought you apply the same measure for all the users. What I see lately gets me thinking a lot. Synynomy almost laughed at you, challenging you to delete his so called designs and you backed away right the next moment saying that you have no criteria to delete correctly uploaded designs. More you say to Bojan that very comment or message posted more than 3 times was and will be deleted, but I found out today at least 30 comments exactly the same: "its ok", made by Synynomy and still left in the contest. Should we say that we don't want the first place?
Forest 2010-01-21
Comments made on this page should not count on the activity counter
Forest 2010-01-21
Man, Some of you are such cry babies. You guys put so much stuff on the site, how do you expect them get get to all the spam at the same time. I suspect in the end all will be level and even Most of you with high activity counts may be playing by the Rules as written, or as you interpret them, but your not playing by the spirit of the sites intent. From the design info area "We invite you to take part in this contest and inspire you to open your mind for your creative designs."
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-21
One more thing, user anett is now first in massages with 1055 massages. I had over 2000 massages, and over 1600 of them were deleted. Nobody told me why? And, why that massages didn't been deleted last time??? This is unfair from your side!
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-21
I demand to know why I lost some points! Nobody said anything to me! The Synonymy is spaming with same design 4 time and his counter is still intact! I want my pointe back, because after last cleaning I was doing only fair! I had designed and commented on a different way every time, so massaging! Please, but if you delete something mine, that isn't spam, you can delete spam of others! Like Pedro Rosa and The Synonymy... I really want to play within the rules, but now I see that that way isn't possible to win! Because, the rules aren'r the same for everyone! Tnx forward for understanding! P. S. If noting else, explain me what mine is deleted and why I lost 7.000 points, on what, please???
Nick Loong 2010-01-21
I sense hostility in your message. Did my statement offended you in anyway? If so, don't take it too personally. It was a generalized message for everyone out there that have misused this competition in anyway. Cheers!
Forest 2010-01-20
I don't know if its a Bug or what, But when I go to my Images and Click Average evaluation, I only get one design coming up.
TheSynonymy 2010-01-20 is this ok with you?
Bogdan22 2010-01-20
So this means that you are going to leave all those awful designs? Even the ones with the 4 side of car with the same pattern? :0
You are right, I was paying too much attention to the work donne by others, thats why my last 5 SMARTs look like that. Keep my User and my work but Delete those last 5 SMARTs, please.
TheSynonymy 2010-01-20
So, you don't see the value in the majority of my designs... Really?;) That is funny, indeed. And I agree with it i think 80% of all designs is valueless work! isn't it? As fair minded as you are, you will delete every "valueless work" of mine and most certainly you will do the same, to every other similar "valueless work" in the contest. won't you? And when you done, with the spring cleaning, how about you send me, a check-list of criteria to make sure that you see "the value" in my next designs.;-) So, with that been said... Keep on cleaning!
Bogdan22 2010-01-19
To be honest, I'm speechless. I did a few own Smarts, very poor indeed and I got a warning. Bojan has done hundreds, while Synonymy is making thousands of these spam designs. He even makes the 4 sides of the car with the same pattern and he says that these represent 4 different designs. They don't get a word on that. I really don't know what to think and more what to do to compete with spamming athletes.
Bogdan22 2010-01-19
You are deleting points only to me? Cause it looks like it is something personal. Everyone else is perfect, while I am spamming the whole contest with hundreds of designs and evaluations.
Please DELETE my User PEDRO ROSA and all of my work donne so far. This SMART Contest became a competition for that money and nothing else.
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-18
Sorry, but I am uploading within the rules! I am ulploading a unique designs on the servers. I must complain about The Synonymy and his designing. He is uploading the same design 4 times. He is considering one design one side of view and uploading that. Same pattern on 4 designs and 4 views. Delete his designs and recalculate his counter. I am uploading unique designs, I don't get into the creativity of my designs, but I am doing it fairly! Please, do something about that. P. S. I am having problems with this site, it is very slow and it have some bugs! I can't upload pic on configurator, again! Tnx forward!
Marguis 2010-01-18
ok, i gone try to explain more my comments...thanks :)
Bogdan22 2010-01-18
I understand. But Hans, in the first days I really liked the whole activity of TheSynonymy, but what he's doing lately is just a lame copy of the spam design upload like Bojan did. Practically there are hundreds of Smarts uploaded to get the 20 points, with absolutely no artistic value. Just quantity value. I don't know if you can do something about it, but this really ruins all your work in creating a little designer community.
Bogdan22 2010-01-18
Maybe some comments are look a like, but what could you say so different, when the designs are almost the same? And no, you haven't banned me till now and I hope this will never happen.
2. If Activity Counter is hidden all the Users will be paying attention to what they do, and not what others do.
1. If there was a limit on drawed SMARTs sent, users would be much more carefull about what they draw and UpLoad, and would stop SPAMed SMARTs
Two very important things are going to ruin the contest: 1. No limit on numbers of work sent 2. Activity Counter visible.
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-16
I don't know what Bogdan22 have against me, he is complaining about me and I don't know why is he doing it, because I don't spam anymore. Now, I comment each time with different text, acording to the work or user. I think that you should hide activity counter if it is needed, but to leave a comment, massages and designs info and numbers. Tnx!
I dont want to know the points that others have, and dont want others to see my own points.
Forest 2010-01-14
I Like the idea of the Activity counter being hidden.
Bogdan22 2010-01-14
OK Hans. I trust you being fair.
The activity counter should be hidden. I should be able to see only my own points, nothing else.
rajeev 2010-01-14
I got a question...How fair it is to rate your own work...there are lots of designs which come in with 5 star rating (though its bad & obviously designers are rating their own work. Can i do the same??
Bogdan22 2010-01-14
Maybe you should check some of the guys again as it is impossible to make 2000 points in one hour without spamming. I'm talking about the Serbian guy who doesn't know his neighbors placed on 2nd spot and the 3 rd gut- Barba Rosa. Not to mention the 4ty seeded that has more than 2000 messages. Probably he said "Good luck!" to every user on this contest.
Capo 2010-01-13
Ok, thanks for the info. I was just worried that quality designs could be lost in this quantity of other less quality works.
Capo 2010-01-13
Thanks for compliment on my desgns. I wont you to think of my comment as a positive critic. Ofcours you don't have to implement fancy anti-spam algorithms, but I just think that activity prize is overrated and possibly that is the reason of so many spams and production line designs. This is just friendly suggestion for future contests. I have one qustion for you. Can you tell me if judges look at evry design or is there some other criteria that they will use. I want to know this because among my desings there are some that I think are worth of attention. Thanks again!
Capo 2010-01-13
Bogdan22 is right. Rules of the competition are made this way so people take advantige of them in wron way, but still playing by the book. Rules can not be changed during the competition, but creators can learn from their mistakes and make future contests better.
TheSynonymy 2010-01-13
I love to compete with the community here, and I will continue to do that but, not to win [but to take part;-)], not for better or worse, and definitely not 24/7. Its the second contest in a row, and I am going to try to take it easy this time, because it is in the interest of my people, and you guys like the idea too..... don't you?;-)
Classic 2010-01-12
ha haha Hans sounds like you've been having fun lol
Bogdan22 2010-01-12
I am not arguing that you have cut me lots of points, but I am telling you that this contest has lost his goal right the minute after he started. I don't think you need thousands of bad designs or lost of useless comments. The rules have been wrongly chosen right from the start.
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-12
@Bogdan22 >> Sorry, but, I don't spam anymore! What I do is within the rules... So why do you still have problem with me?
Bogdan22 2010-01-11
There is a word that says: "The thief yells: thieves!"
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-11
Sorry, but I think that Bogdan22 is spamming. I can't prove, because I don't have time, but, his points are growing very fast, and designs stay still and evaluations move a little bit...
anka_b 2010-01-11
good luck
anka_b 2010-01-11
nice works
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-11
Tnx! I know that you are going to do it well! I just can't wait the scores after that! I really hope that you didn't erased my not spaming activities!
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-11
When to expect re-calculating of counteres?
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-11
How much my stuff have been deleted?
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-11
I must complain on members Pedro Rosa and Bogdan22 because they are spamming and nobody isn't taking any messures to it. Now I have much more evaluations and designs then Bogdan22 and his is more than 1000 points in lead! Pedro Rosa is spamming with comments and massages! Please, solve this problem!
TheSynonymy 2010-01-11
As I'm trying to make more elaborated designs, one "Pedro Rosa" spamming his way to the top, regardless of any warning, and im losing my motivation.
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-11
Ok... Nice to hear that! I will welcome every person, but individualy! If you see that I do something that is wrong, say me... tnx!
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-11
Ok... Tnx! can you write me what not to do?
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-11
Don't you mind if I wish welcome to new members? In sing of kindness?
muffin 2010-01-11
oh, suggestion for next contest: Just block the spammers account...
muffin 2010-01-11
Hey, are you the internet manager guy? One question, how does the jury know which people actually create their own design and who just uses some low resolution internet image? There must be 1000s of spam-designs like that...
Bojan Andrejek 2010-01-11
Sorry dude, I didn't seen your massages. I won't spam anymore. I have send you e-mail on your adress.
Forest 2010-01-11
Please not the spam comments on
Forest 2010-01-11
Can you get Bojan Andrejek to stop voting and just posing the numbers again rather than comments on the Designs, He is just spamming the site
Bogdan22 2010-01-10
Hello! I have one question. Can one member win 2 prizes at this contest?
Forest 2010-01-10
Please Pull from my set of designs
TheSynonymy 2010-01-10
Now, i stop to comment but if you want me to " come up with something interesting". then make sure that some" " Pedro Rosa´´ stops to spam with comments like (keep them coming, please 1star 2 stars .3 stars) and things like that again and again.Or you tell me these aren't spam for you, than I am going to stop watching him and do the same on 5000 Desings, because I want to compete. And I don't want to waste your time with deleting spam (sorry abaut that) just tell me how to compete.
anett 2010-01-09
I won't... just smt trying to encourage people to designe smth interesting))
ellis 2010-01-09
Thanks for the help!
Forest 2010-01-09
I'm A smart enthusiast who wants to have fun on this site. I understand the site rules were written to encourage conversation and involvement, I just with they were written more to encourage true Design conversation, not just copy Paste
Forest 2010-01-09
Id it possible to delete some of my own designs myself?
Everyone: Today was supposed to be one of my very, very rare free days. Well, fortunately, it turns out that we have much more traffic from the vey first day than expected - which is so great! On the other hand, since this ain't facebook or some crazy social network stuff but an innovation contest platform, you guys made me check after this discussion all day long. My team and myself are trying their very, very best to provide everybody with a fun and interesting design contest together with the nice people from Smart and Daimler. Trying at 1 o'clock in the morning if necessary. I think everybody in this little activity discussion got his/her points. Now I say that we all keep it real but cool down, design some nice & smart smarts and let me sleep. Every activity is greatly appreciated and I hope we agree that we all want a real discussion. Therefore: Design how many you want and comment in a value creating way. Please understand that we don't want to implement stupid algorithms which control each typing you make like Facebook. I'd rather have a community here with decent and respectful interaction. That's what this is about, community first, competition second.
I am really annoyed by people who are trying to take the buzz out of this website. If someone is committed to this contest, let him be. Contribution of designs is what we were looking for. Now that we got what we wanted, we are offended. Very strange. @TheSynonymy: Keep your designs coming, I will pave the way. @Hans AtHyve: This is not a contest about how to protect the Jury. This is a contest about contributing designs.
Capo 2010-01-09
I think this competition is starting to loose sense a bit, because there are so many people and few of them are posting too many designs. They'r not even paying atention on quality, because they figured out that it's better to win activity award, then wining design. I'm just thinking how will judges evaluate all these designs? Maybe there is a way, something like evaluating only top 5 most atracttive designs of evry user? It's not bad idea to think about, especialy having on mind that number of designs exponentialy grows evry day.
TheSynonymy 2010-01-08
I try my best in terms of the Quality & Quantity of my designs. Why Quantity?... Obviously you guys made the rules You guys wanted to have the competition And I'm just trying to compete I have two questions to ask.: 1.Who is going to assess, the Quality of my designs.(btw. i think my designs are ok) 2.Am I going to be, the only one who have these special terms, to compete? As far as the "spam"comments are concerned, I take you serious, but I hope I'm not the only one. ...Lattea: No i didn't. @MSAN i work 24/7 (censored :) )!
nyko 2010-01-08
Hello Hans. I agree with MSAN, this contest is a very good idea but spoiled by the lack of consideration of 5 or 6 guys, with no interest for design, and even less for Smart. Don't let win money with spam ...
Capo 2010-01-08
Yes it's OK now. Isliped of my mind that I have to verify account by e-mail. Thanks anyway!
carlitos 2010-01-08
I understand!Thank you for telling me!It's very nice of you!Have a nice contest!
MSAN 2010-01-08
hallo, falls Sie wirklich der Contest-Manager sind, würde ich Ihnen vorschlagen, den "activity" preis zu streichen, und statt dessen den design-preis mit einem 4.,5. und 6. Platz zu versehen. Viele User sind nur auf die Quantität und nicht die Qualität aus. Über 600 designs von einer Person in 3 Tagen? Das ist nicht Lobenswert, sondern sollte geblockt werden. Sonst verliert der Contest, als Design-Wettbewerb ganz schnell an Glaubwürdigkeit. Sollte nur eine Anregung sein. Mfg
ellis 2010-01-08
of course meant my own weakest designs... :D
laura seucan 2010-01-08
HI! I am from Romania and I wrote on a car "Happiness is a little thing, a dwarf, a petty thing, a smart" in romanian sounds very nice:) would be better to write in english? Thanks!
ellis 2010-01-08
Jei! I has had fun time here. Is there any way to delete "weak" designs? Are you the right person to ask this question... :D?
Capo 2010-01-08
Can you tell me please how could I evaluate other designs with stars. I don't see that there is such an option.
EMDesigns 2010-01-08
if you please hans, take all the cars that say test model from my colection . looks very bad those ones cause they were tests.
EMDesigns 2010-01-08
hans please remove my test model, i putted that name in tne title. could you do that?. if yes tanks not posting so much because i want to enter some free designs.
EMDesigns 2010-01-08
can i enter with a rendered model of the smart and costumize the paint.
EMDesigns 2010-01-08
Sorry i will not repeat my description or my title in my work was only testing the potencial of the configurator trying to learn. But i am in this contest going to the freely ideas. gonna work it in ilustrator or photoshop. Some versions of mine.
EMDesigns 2010-01-07
yosh about the spamm no worry not gonna do that. gonna raise the bar. in my works. all vector work quality above all
Sorry about the SPAM
sevennine79 2010-01-06
Hi Hans, good to have another cool contest where to participate!
EMDesigns 2010-01-06
Hellloo hans here i am, and tankfull to be a part of another great innovation community.
whittaker52 2010-01-05
Hello there, does this mean i'll need to re-upload my designs?