"The winner of the contest meets the philosophy of the brand perfectly and encourages the observer to open his mind. You cannot miss this car due to the artistically high level. It combines the joy of life, humanity and the spirit of the city in a modern, fresh and graphically convincing way. It is urban and human friendly at the same time and shows that cars and humans do belong together. A refreshing design which represents all that ‘smart’ stands for!"
"This design is reduced to the maximum! It is simple, humorous and ecological. ”The design is ironical about the size of smart and funny at the same time. It contains clear and simple defined structures --simple ideas are mostly genius!"
"“Modern graffiti style meets urban art” is probably the best way to describe this smart design. This car design personifies smart’s position on the market and represents the modern urban style of tomorrow."
"The creator of this car design interprets the vehicle very ironical: a car which cannot rust with its plastic body panels is designed rusty. Smart is probably the only car which can offer to wear’ this design. What an exciting contradiction! "

first (800 €): TheSynonymy

second (500 €): Bogdan22

third: (300€): Pedro Rosa