Do you love to design things? Or you just want to have fun with an online platform and evaluate, comment or discuss designs with others? You got it! In this contest you can create YOUR cool smart fortwo exterior design! We invite you to take part in this contest and inspire you to open your mind for your creative designs.
Start: 2010/01/06
End: 2010/02/23
Design Submission ... really easy ...
... either create a design with the built in configuration tool (under CREATE / Configurator) or download templates and upload your own design

Step-by-step for submitting your own designs:
  1. download templates
  2. style your smart
    1. by using your design-, paint- or other creation software
    2. by simply hand painting, drawing ... on the printed template (for later uploads this needs to be scanned in by you)
  3. upload your design
    1. choose the favourite view of your design being presented in the gallery and upload it
    2. give your design a title
    3. describe your design
  4. upload additional images
  5. upload additional attachments
  6. submit & share your design
Step-by-step for submitting configured designs:
  1. Play a litte ... it's intuitive or continue reading :)
  2. Choose the body colour of your car
  3. Drag and drop from images inventory from the right
  4. Change size and colour with tools on the right
  5. Describe your design in a few words and find a cool title
  6. Submit & share your design
... simply use star rating (5 star = like it a lot). Your voting participation rate counts towards your activity counter ... prizes are to be won here, too.
Beside the star voting of other designs, you may also post comments on each design or reply to the comments of others. Again, this increases your activity counter. To add comments, you may use the commenting function at the bottom of each design.
You may also leave public messages to other community members on their profiles by using the message function on the member's profile. This also increases your activity counter.
You can share your design as well as any other design that you like. Just use the share buttons on every design detail page.
You can see all designs and comments anytime. However, in order to participate in the contest, you need to register. As a registered user you can contribute your designs and become a candidate for the prizes. You can also write comments and messages and evaluate designs. To successfully register, you have to read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Step-by-step registration:
  1. provide your email-address and choose a password
  2. choose your usernamen and optionally upload your picture
  3. provide some information about yourself, if you want (not publically visible)
  4. inform your network about the contest
  5. please agree with the Terms & Conditions and check further offers
  6. finish registration
OR for Facebook users, there is another cool registration option:
... click on the Facebook Connect button and use your Facebook account for the contest. You just need to allow the contest to connect with your Facebook account and agree with the Terms and Conditions - that's it!
In order to be able to submit designs and to win prizes you need to agree with the Terms & Conditions.
Please find them here: Terms & Conditions