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No forklift please.
very clean and very good yield. Congratulations on your work and the 2nd prize drake
@brown_water... If I take a look at your designs... why would anyone want your designs ;-) to be honest... the cardboard smart is a great idea... and has an ironic background... that is creative... I like it...
You got 2nd, but I don't see why. Would anyone actually want their car to look like its made of cardboard? I mean people in many parts of the world live in shanty towns with corrugated cardboard boxes and tin roofs, but I don't see how this is a design worthy of note amidst the 10s of thousands of other designs. I think that you probably need the prize money more than I do. brown_water
congratulations!!! 2nd!!!
From your work, this is one of my favourites. Lude
great.. and funny. Marguis
I like this one very much :) CaPri<3
excelent except 4 colors
Thanks. I didn't use the templates provided... I took a photo of a smart and made some modifications ;)
i like it very much
did you use the standard .tif model? I think you're easily gonna win with one of these