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Tamir Shefer is an artist, freelance illustrator and university lecturer. He lives in Jaffa, Israel, with his wife and his two daughters. His art combines elements of pop art, of comic strips and prehistoric art.
BWM has started a contest. Copy cats! For all that would like to take part: Redem204
Congratutations to the winner! And thanks to some very "smart" people that had the idea to start this contest! ;-) Redem204
congrats! icreative
Congratulations for the work and the recognition . I have not seen all the projects but yours is excellent! drake
I am perplexed as the regulation said you could not design over the Tridion cell but you have won the contest...
Tamir congratulations,your smart deserves the 1st place… very smart, very cool, very fun… pedro_gonçalves pedro_gonçalves
I find this design to be somewhat of an eyesore in that its very busy with lots and lots of visual chatter. The use of a cartoony comic book kind of motif makes it seem cheap and disposable, and is of little artisic or enduring value. Once the novelty wears off, there is little for the mind to latch onto from then on. How practical is this design? Would anyone REALLY want their Smart Car rendered with this design? Its so garish and in your face, very literally with all these faces blankly staring out at you from the car. Who knows what this car would look like when its moving. Probably all the artistic detail would be lost in a blur of nauseating color. The judges should have said ahead of time what their emotional priorities were, because while this is a fun and light-hearted design, I don't see whats so perfect and elegant about this design that it deserved to triumph over the 50,000 plus entries. brown_water
its really fun n peppy.. icreative
really nice work... Marguis
Nice option Tamir - not sure about all the self-publicity bit though! chrisp